Author: Brent Raycroft

Trigger Warning by Brent Raycroft

Anti-Genre #5 reflects on our latent sources of discomfort, disorientation, and disarming. Brent Raycroft explores the “danger of the public sphere,” or the many inchoate ways that memory collides with present-tense acts. *** Trigger Warning After the spoiled spoiler alert that we die in the end and the fine print reminding us anything can happen between now and then, what need for a trigger warning? I can understand it on the news — we need to be told just when to turn that shit off. And yes, let Facebook throw greyest of gauzes over the blood. But if it’s...

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Creative Writing and Toxic Masculinity: In Praise of the Dumpster Fire

Recent events at Concordia University in Montreal – the suspension of two creative writing teachers, the buzz leading up to it, and the attendant reaction – intersect with my life in several ways. I have no new revelations, but I did have friends in that creative writing department back in the 80s, when, according to some, the culture of toxic masculinity had its origin. And I knew one of the men in question quite well during the 90s. A final, recent twist is that I’ve published poems in the literary journal whose editor-in-chief is the other professor relieved of...

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