Month: January 2019

The Dogs — Before Brutality

The Dogs Before Brutality Drabant Music The Dog are a punk band from Oslo.  Formed away back in 2011, they released their début album in 2013, and ever since January 2014, they have put out a new album every January. In Norway, frontman Kristopher Shau is celebrity of sorts, engaging in performance art, hosting one of the country’s biggest podcasts, and even hosting a TV show on the Seven Deadly Sins that stirred up a bit of controversy.  But in the rest of the world, they’re a little less famous.  They did win Little Steven’s Coolest Song of the Year...

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Electoral Architecture

Elections for the mayorship of Barcelona are coming up later this year, and we’re already being delivered promises in the form of outrageous urban-architectural proposals. As reported by yesterday’s La Vanguardia, a German businessman named Karl Jacobi, who is running for mayor, is promising to build 300,000 social housing units on a new artificial island off Barcelona’s coast. Yes, three hundred thousand. In a city that seriously lacks affordable places to live, social housing is a serious necessity. But an artificial island? Has Herr Jakobi considered how large such an island would have to be to accommodate that many dwellings? If this...

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Response to Srinivasan

I frequently recoil at articles about race in the US written by Indians who qualify because of color – hair, skin, and eyes – but little else. Many Indians speak good English, are highly educated (I know it’s a stereotype, but true), wealthy and don’t give a rat’s ass about other “poor immigrants or minorities” here. We, and I include myself here, are delighted we have made ourselves a comfortable nest egg, enjoy “snowboarding and crossword puzzles” (actually I prefer skiing!), and can afford the frequent trips to India where we still feel at home. We have our cake and we delight in eating it. We have a superiority complex regarding other South Asians, our closest brethren. Bangladeshis? They deserve our sympathy, poor things. Pakistanis? Thank God the US has finally recognized they are Al Queda in disguise. Nepalis? Naah, just a small tribe up north. Sri Lankans? I do want to visit their quaint island where my US dollars would be welcome. A friend of mine who lives in Calcutta was at Harvard Business school many years ago. He told me the story about how, during orientation, he proceeded to tell a fellow HBS student, an African American, that “discrimination” in the US was not a big deal, he’d never experienced much beyond skin color and where are you from? curiosity. His fellow student shut him up. Told...

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Red Rum Club — Matador

Red Rum Club Matador Modern Sky Red Rum Club are from Liverpool.  Also from Liverpool is Echo & The Bunnymen,  Why does this matter?  Because Red Rum Club sound like an updated version of the Bunnymen,  Shimmering guitars, quick beats, and frontman Fran Doran sounds a bit like a cross between Ian McCullough and Noel Burke (the temporary frontman of the Bunnymen c. 1990).  And yet, this is a brand new bag.  RRC also have this bizarre mariachi horn.  You’d think this would be a bad idea.  It is not.  In fact, this is some seriously good shit. Doran...

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How Fascism Works: A Reply To Peter Ludlow

How Fascism Works is devoted to explaining fascist politics. The book is devoted, that is, to a description of a specific ideology and set of tactics to gain power. It is composed of ten chapters. Each chapter is devoted to a distinct aspect of fascist ideology and propaganda. I understand fascist ideology as the endpoint of an ideological continuum. An ideology can be more or less fascist, depending upon how many of these ten distinct characteristics it embraces. For example, a traditional caste based system is one that rests on a hierarchy of value. Such a system overlaps in...

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