Month: June 2018

Dr. Peterson’s Patent Snake Oil: Nothing New Under the Sun

There is something refreshing about Jordan Peterson. Something that conservative thinkers have yet to bring into the public discourse. What has long been an ageing, traditional, and defensive ideology—publicly embodied by the septuagenarians of the GOP and the oil industry—has been revitalized by a captivating and competent speaker. Peterson has managed to cast “leftist doctrine” as the dominant, oppressive cultural force of our day, and the defenders of Western civilization and common sense as the radical bearers of dark truths. His appeal is unmistakable: a calmness that offsets leftist screeching; a scientificity that roots the supremacy of the individual...

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On Burning by Sharon Dornberg-Lee

Sharon Dornberg-Lee’s “On Burning” is our 24th installment, and a perfect vehicle for welcoming the heady spells and sultry journeys of summer.   *** On Burning I am filled with twilight desires, for nicotine, and weed, and sex with soulful strangers. My mother warned that escalators were like teeth waiting to chomp your untied laces, mailbox mouths couldn’t be trusted to deposit your letters on a single swing of their lazy jaws. I am tired of caution, playing the sentry, waiting for the light to change. So I drive with the windows rolled all the way down, stereo too loud,...

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Confessions of a Race Traitor

On May 31, James Livingston posted an impassioned broadside on Facebook against gentrification. Since then, he has received volumes of critical, and often abusive, emails and comments. This is his reply Having read Aingeal de Nógla’s and Mark Bray’s books on the alt-right, and having witnessed the election of Donald Trump, I should have seen the hate mail coming. I didn’t. It’s Wednesday, June 6, 2018. Since Friday, June 1, I’ve received roughly 70 hate mails for what I said at Facebook about white people, who can’t seem to take a joke or slip the yoke. Just between us,...

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