Month: May 2018

The Memorial Project: Haymarket Martyrs’ Monument, Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, IL

Although muffled by the shroud that draped his head and body, the voice of August Spies rang out in cramped prison yard where he, Albert Parsons, Adolph Fischer, and George Engel stood on the scaffold on 11 November 1887. A fifth man, Louis Lingg, had cheated the hangman by taking his own life the day before. “The day will come,” Spies shouted, “when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you are throttling today.” The hangman released the trap; the silence was deafening. The executions marked both an end and a beginning in American labor history. The...

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Reports from the Picket Line: A Rousing Day for Solidarity at Columbia

Over the past four years we have been told steadfastly by our administration that we are not workers because we are students. We are routinely reminded of our privilege in having made it through the hallowed gates of the Ivy League, and told to be content with whimsical “enhancements” and “improvements” over which we have no say. President Bollinger and Provost Coatsworth would have done well to attend our picket and rally today- they may have learnt a thing or two about labor solidarity, and the importance of giving workers their due. But our administrators do not want that...

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