Month: April 2018

Julian Calendar: Parallel Collage

Julian Calendar Parallel Collage Independent Julian Calendar describe themselves as making ‘dark music for dark times.’  That’s the thing, they aren’t that dark, though I won’t argue with the comment about the times.  Coming from the purple state of North Carolina, the members of Julian Calendar have seen some pretty nasty and stupid political wrangling of late.  Based in the big city of Charlotte, the band is an amalgam of musicians, novelists, and first time singers.  You can read our feature on the band here. Band leader Jeremy Fisher came up with the structures of these songs a few...

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From the Picket Line: A Kentucky Teacher Speaks Out

I’m not really sure how to put into words what today meant. It’s hard to sum up something that started just over three weeks ago and see it come together so quickly and perfectly. I got to the capital before the sun had even fully arisen, about an hour before the start of the protest. The group that has served as a sort of leadership think tank, of which I am a member, for KY 120 United met briefly, and for the first time in person. And then we walked together toward the front of the capital building. When...

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Teacher Protests Spread To Kentucky

It is a cliché to point out how hard teachers work.  The thing is, though, this isn’t a cliché.  And teachers are getting screwed.  When I lived in Alabama, my friends and former students who taught spent their meagre wages buying supplies for their classroom, and by that, I mean chalk and erasers.  Even in liberal Massachusetts, my friends and former students who are teachers are left to do the same.  One actually bought his class a set of textbooks, out of his own pocket, because the ones he had were falling apart and there was no money to replace...

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Politics/Talk – “Upstate” With James Wood, Part I

  Introduction to James Wood by Nicholas Dames James Wood needs no introduction, but unlike many who merit that phrase, he is difficult to summarize— his work is wide and complex enough that one scarcely knows where to begin. Perhaps one might begin with the fact that Wood has managed the extraordinary feat of having one foot in academic and journalistic worlds.  Since 2003, he has taught at Harvard University, where is he now Professor of the Practice of Literary Criticism.  He has written for numerous publications, but is most commonly associated with The Guardian, where he was chief...

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The Breeders: All Nerve

The Breeders All Nerve 4AD I’ve never really bought into the Cult of Kim Deal.  Sure, she was a wicked bassist and all that with the Pixies.  But she did not make the band.  The Pixies still sound exactly like the Pixies without her.  She wasn’t the star of that show, Black Francis is.  And say what you will about the clash of egos there, the idea the Pixies are not as mighty without her is bullshit. BUT.  Kim Deal is a killer frontwoman.  The Breeders are one of the greatest bands of the 90s, and they continued on...

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