Month: March 2018

Ride: Tomorrow’s Shores

Ride Tomorrow’s Shores Wichita  Away back in the early 90s, Ride burst onto the scene on the back of three celebrated eps, two of which were collected on the long-player, Smile, the third of which was tacked onto the end of the band’s proper début, Nowhere.  They were at the vanguard of the so-called shoegazer scene of the era, but like My Bloody Valentine, were louder and heavier.  Their live show was an avalanche of guitars and the dreamy vocals of co-frontmen Andy Bell and Mark Gardener.  I wore out three cassette versions of Nowhere between 1991 and when I bought it on...

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The Day After Parkland: A Student Reflects

On Wednesday, February 14th, 2018, the world witnessed one of the deadliest school shootings in its history. As everyone knows by now, seventeen people were murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, with an additional fourteen people being seriously injured. Nikolas Cruz, a former Stoneman Douglas student, committed the crime with an AR-15 which he legally purchased. News of the massacre spread rapidly, evoking passionate and visceral online reactions as shocked people around the globe voiced their sympathy and solidarity with the victims. University High School in San Francisco, which I attend, held moments of silence...

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The Young Karl Marx

The Young Karl Marx (dir. Raoul Peck) opens in a forest. The forest is almost painfully beautiful. Peasants are gathering sticks for firewood — only dead wood from the forest floor, nothing that’s still growing. Suddenly they are attacked by police on horseback. Some are killed. We see their bodies, eyes open. The scene is historically accurate in at least two senses: landowners in the wine-growing area of Trier, where Karl Marx was born, were just then asserting exclusive ownership over common lands where tradition afforded villagers limited but important rights, like the gathering of firewood. And it was this local...

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Camp Cope: How to Socialize & Make Friends

Camp Cope How to Socialize & Make Friends Run For Cover Records In an interview in The Guardian the other week, Kim Deal said that ‘misogyny is the actual backbone of the music industry, and without misogyny the music industry would crumble.’  No kidding.  Back in 2016, Camp Cope dropped their wickedly amazing début album on the world.  It got a lot of love and adulation, and deservedly so.  But, some couldn’t leave well enough alone, and pointed out that frontwoman Georgia Maq is the daughter of the late Hugh McDonald, who was Aussie rock’n’roll royalty.  And therefore, Camp Cope were...

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The Trouble with Money

Ever had trouble with money? Like, say, hearing from bill collectors at home and at work? Or bouncing your rent check? Or borrowing money from friends to pay Con Ed? Or watching silently while the repo man tows your car, even though you had enough money in the bank to pay the loan off yesterday? Been there, done that. And I’m the guy who wrote the book on the Federal Reserve. I’m supposed to understand money and banking, debt and liability. And I do, in the abstract. I can explain Say’s Law, or Marx’s theory of value, or Keynes’s...

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